All data, which the (potential) member conveys to Traidax or stores within the platform, will be treated confidentially. Data won't be passed on to a third party unless the member agreed on the transmission. In the event of data collection, data handling und data usage, Traidax will abide by the provisions regarding data protection in Germany (especially BDSG, TMG). Personal data won't be sold or passed on in any other unauthorized way to a third party by Traidax.

§ 1 Content for the use of personal data

  1. After a contract has successfully been entered, Traidax is entitled to convey the following data to the other contract party: Name, address, delivery address, E-Mail address, and bank details.
  2. Moreover, in the event of a dispute between members, Traidax is entitled to convey name, address and E-Mail address to the other member upon request.
  3. Billings and itemization published by Traidax may contain data regarding type, quantity, amount as well as further information, which is necessary to calculate the commission of the respective transactions.
  4. Additionally, Traidax is entitled to contact a member via phone, letter or mail concerning potential or concluded sales contracts.
  5. Traidax is entitled to use member data for its own marketing purposes. Traidax is authorized to advise their members via letter, phone, fax, E-Mail or the platform about new products or services. The member has the right to object to marketing purposes at any given time.
  6. Traidax is entitled to store, analyze and use personal data, especially purchases concluded in the past, in order to generate purchase recommendations. This data will be deleted as soon as the fiscal retention period will have expired.
  7. Traidax is authorized to use cookies within its website in order to simplify the usage of the website. For this purpose Traidax is entitled to create, edit and use user figures with the help of cookies. In order to increase the simplicity of the usage information such as user data can be stored within the website. The cookies are valid for the current session.
  8. Traidax is entitled to convey name and address of a member in case of legal obligation, judicial or official provision, suspicion of criminal offence, legal infringement or violation of a third party's rights.
  9. Traidax is authorized to make evaluations, which may help to reveal, prevent or remove actions, which are fraudulent, unlawful or contrary to a contract if suspicion of the afore-mentioned actions exists regarding the Traidax-services or the offers displayed by the members. For this purpose Traidax is entitled to create, edit and use the personal data, which was stored through cookies.
  10. Traidax is entitled to contact its members via phone, letter or fax in order to receive feedback, information about the Traidax-services, as well as further possibilities of the platform's use.
  11. After termination of membership Traidax reserves the right to convey data in order to fulfil contracts, which were concluded during the membership period.
  12. Traidax uses specific software to analyse user figures within their website, to adapt the website to the user needs as well to optimize the website. The software is called Google Analytics

§ 2 Inspection and deletion of data after a termination of membership

  1. The member is authorized to inspect its personal data stored at Traidax at any given time. The data can be acquired via E-Mail.
  2. After termination of the membership, the member can request the deletion of the personal data via E-Mail. As far as Traidax is legally obliged to store any further data, those will be blocked initially.
  3. The member can view, store and print this privacy policy at any given time.

§ 3 Amendments of the privacy policy

  1. Traidax is authorized to amend this privacy policy at any time without quoting any reasons. The members will be informed about amendments of the privacy policy on the website.